Cofrin Center for Biodiversity announces Cofrin Student Grant recipients

The Cofrin Center for Biodiversity would like to congratulate the following students on being selected as the 2023-24 Cofrin Student Grant recipients:

  • Sarah Baughman (Advisors: Erin Giese, Robert Howe, Keir Wefferling) – A Bird Community Science Analysis of River Mouths Along the Western Lake Michigan Shoreline
  • Annissa Derbique (Advisor: Karen Stahlheber) – The Assessment of Solidago Growth Patterns of Different Rhizome Lengths and the Comparison Between Natural and Early Restoration Habitats in Brown County, Wisconsin
  • Haillee Fritsch (Advisor: Lisa Grubisha) – Macrofungi Diversity Study Associated with Oak Trees in Brown County, Wisconsin: A preliminary investigation and record of the fungal community
  • Natalie Hannemann (Advisor: Daniel Meinhardt) – Fall and Winter Travel Patterns, Areas of High Use, and Diet Composition of Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) Populations Within Brown County, Wisconsin
  • Marissa Helgesen (Advisor: Daniel Meinhardt) – The Reproductive Habits of Anuran Species at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay Properties
  • Tony Klingert (Advisor: Erin Giese) – Changes in Breeding Birds in Door County, Wisconsin
  • Elli Scott (Advisor: Keir Wefferling) – Lichen Used as a Bioindicator of Air Quality in Door County, Wisconsin
  • Haley Spargur (Advisor: Daniel Meinhardt) Educational Booklet of Herpetofaunal Ecology within the Cofrin Memorial Arboretum

You can learn more about the Cofrin Student Grant program here.

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