Behavioral Health Training Partnership Sustainability awarded $294,374 from Wisconsin Development of Health Services

The Log is announcing grants that were presented to campus in the past year:
Congratulations to the Behavioral Health and Training Partnership’s Jessica Delzer on being awarded $294,374 from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services for the project titled, “Behavioral Health Training Partnership Sustainability” last November. This project provides orientation training and education to county workers so they can better deal with the demands of their jobs; therefore better serving their communities. Counties pay annual amounts to gain membership and have access to various training courses. There are currently 31 full members (counties) that receive full access to online and in-person training for a set fee. There are 27 partial members (counties) that receive access to online training (on D2L, soon to be Canvas) for a reduced rate. The Behavioral Health and Training Partnership is always expanding and improving their online classes to provide more education on relevant issues for county and social workers. Beginning with one online crisis intervention course, there are now multiple courses offered online taken by thousands of people including courses on therapy, ethics and boundaries, accident/tragedy coping and secondary traumatic stress training which teaches county workers how to deal with the trauma they experience from helping people in crises or traumatic experiences. This training can greatly reduce burnout and high turnover rate in county officials and help them to cope with their line of work. The Behavioral Health and Training Program is currently developing a course to help educators deal with eating disorders. They are also seeking to add a course to train county workers and medical professionals on how to deal with patients with dementia or adults with disabilities in long-term care. Learn more.

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