May is Mental Health Awareness Month, Dean Gallagher-Lepak shares tips

UW-Green Bay Dean of the College of Health, Education and Social Welfare, Susan Gallagher-Lepak, also a member of the Bellin Psychiatric Center Board of Directors, shares the following message with encouragement to focus on your mental health and be part of building a supportive University community. From the Bellin Psychiatric Center Newsletter (May 2, 2022 edition):

It’s more important than ever to build a strong mental health system that provides the care, support, and services needed to help people build better lives.

·         1 in 5 U.S adults experience mental illness each year

·         36.4% of adults in Wisconsin have anxiety or depression and 18.6% were unable to get the counseling or therapy they needed

·         1 in 6 U.S youth aged 6-17 experiences a mental health disorder each year

Take not only this month, but the countless months ahead, to put your mental health at the top of your priority list.

Five Reminders on How to Take Care of Your Mental Health

1.  Prioritize what you spend your time on and know when to ask for help.

2.  Be mindful of how you spend your time online – spend more time engaging in hobbies you enjoy.

3.  Set boundaries with toxic family members/friends/co-workers/things.

4.  Create a self-care routine (ex: eating healthy, exercising, spending time with loved ones, and/or practicing good sleep hygiene). Add a little at a time!

5.  Give yourself grace. You’re doing the best you can

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