‘Laffle’ nets nice haul for Humane Society

Those generous employees at UW-Green Bay (hey, that’s us!) have done it again. Eileen Kolb of the Registrar’s Office, who coordinated the drive, says the Bay Area Humane Society was absolutely delighted to learn that many, many bags of pet food, toys, chewies, collars and the like would be headed their way as part of the Spring 2011 ‘Laffle.”

“Thanks to all who participated,” Kolb says, and she shares that the Humane Society is still and always grateful for any donations. (In fact, if you have more towels, sheets, bath mats, rugs, blankets, etc., feel free to bring them over because they are particularly short on those types of items.) For snapshots of today’s prize drawing, and a photo or two of just some of the donated goods, click here.

Kolb says another Laffle is likely this fall. It will probably be a repeat of the successful “pair and a spare” drive from last fall. That campaign collected clothing, school supplies and personal hygiene items that were forwarded to social workers in the Green Bay school system to distribute to needy students. Keep it in mind if you’re doing your own family’s back-to-school shopping this summer, she says, and buy a little extra if you can.

And the winners are…

Each person who donated an item to the Laffle received a ticket for a prize drawing. The individual whose name was drawn first at Monday’s closing celebration was faculty member Karen Dalke of Social Change and Development, who in turn got to make the No. 1 selection from prize list. She selected a hand-built Adirondack chair donated by Kolb and her husband and said it would be absolutely perfect next to her wildflower garden.

The full list of drawing winners and their prizes:

Karen Dalke, Adirondack chair
 • Cristine Nelson, UW-Green Bay lunch bag
 • Shannon Badura, dog biscuits
 • Lisa Tetzloff, framed photo of Cofrin Library
 • Marlene Strebel, framed photo of Rose Hall
 • Chris Sampson, gift certificate for yard work
 • Karen Smiley, kitty treats
 • Laura Sinclair, gift certificate for LongHorn Steakhouse
 • Elaina Koltz, UW-Green Bay history book
 • Rosa Retrum, dog treats and frame
 • Joe Schoenebeck, framed photo of Ecumenical Center
 • Lynne Kimball, UW-Green Bay dog collar
 • Bev Carmichael, backpack from bookstore
 • Julia Wallace, framed photo of Studio Arts
 • Ruth Weeks, cat treats and frame
 • Russ Leary, cat treats

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