2021 Philanthropy Grant recipient to be named

On Thursday, May 6 at 11 a.m. UW-Green Bay student philanthropists will announce the recipient of their $10,000 grant from the Learning by Giving Foundation.

This will be a LIVE event on Zoom. Attendees will be invited to ask questions and go “inside the class” at the end. In the 30 minute event, students will speak about:

  • How the class unfolds throughout the semester
  • Their concern about the issue of opportunity youth in Green Bay
  • The impact the class has had on them, what philanthropy means to them
  • Community issues that they care about and intend to impact
  • What we liked about our ultimate grant recipient and why we chose them

Our award recipient will make a few remarks, too!

The class has been 100% virtual this year. Students will end the event by going “inside the classroom” by having a Q&A with their Zoom audience participants.

This year, the class has studied the issue of youth who are not working nor in school – also known as “Opportunity Youth.” Without help, many of these youth go on to become homeless or drift into other difficult situations. Nonprofit organizations like our recipient help opportunity youth to gain some important life skills, get on a path to a career, or pursue their education.

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