Student members of UW-Green Bay Habitat chapter plan Philippines trip

As the University winds up this year’s common theme of Global Citizenship, a very ambitious and passionate group of students is seeking to live that ideal this summer. UW-Green Bay’s Collegiate Chapter of Habitat for Humanity was invited to join university students from Japan and the Philippines to build homes in Bicol, Philippines in early August. Ten students have stepped forward to accept the invitation to travel halfway around the world to contribute to this multi-national effort. Chapter adviser Michael Stearney, Dean of Enrollment Services, has agreed to lead the trip — this time not to prepare meals but to build side-by-side with the students. Rural poverty and weather, most recently Typhoon Haiyan, have conspired to create difficult circumstances for many families in Philippines. The typhoon last November damaged or destroyed more than one million homes. Four million families live in poverty in the Philippines, many in sub-standard living conditions. The path forward begins with a home.

Students raising money for journey
The Philippines-bound students call themselves “The Star Throwers,” inspired by the classic short story by Loren Eisley. Like the boy who walks the beach after the tide recedes and returns stranded starfish to the ocean, they know can’t make a difference for everyone. But they are committed to making a difference for someone. The students seek the help of the campus community to make this trip happen. Donations from many people (family, friends, faith communities, faculty, staff, other students, alumni and friends of the University) can help give these students the experience of a lifetime, and provide homes for deserving families. See the students’ video and share the link. You can donate to the entire group, or to individual team members listed in the lower right corner of the site. Stearney advises that you shouldn’t be put off by the suggested donation amounts. You can donate any amount ($10 minimum) at the “make a donation” button.

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