Campus mourns the loss of Richard (Dick) Jansen

Richard (Dick) Gerald Jansen passed away on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023, four days before his 89th birthday.  He had a long and distinguished career at UW-Green Bay, beginning in 1969 as a specialist for University Academic Programs. His duties were to coordinate academic programs under the “New Opportunities and Exchange Programs” and coordinate the off-campus efforts related to Liberal Education Seminars (LES.) He later took on additional duties as counselor in Student Services and in 1974 was appointed acting director and counselor for the Student Development Center along with LES duties.


He was a lecturer in social work and education programs and in 1990 was named Associate Dean of Students where he served until his retirement in 1992.

In 1991 Jansen received the Founders Award for Excellence in academic support, recognizing his service to the University community and leadership in areas such as minority affairs, counseling and student health, the Employee Assistance Program, Children’s Center and AIDS education. The citation noted “He consistently acts with the best interests of the student in mind, and he certainly has a commitment to developing a caring and sensitive campus environment. Whether it be presenting orientation sessions to parents of our students to help in their adjustment or counseling a suicidal student in the middle of the night, he offers a positive and calming influence.”


By request, he did not have a funeral or celebration of life. See the full obituary and consider contributing a memory on the tribute page.

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