The Wisconsin challenge: UW-Green Bay finishes 5th of 16 in recycling

We demand a recount! (Wait, actually we did fairly well.) Of the 16 Wisconsin universities and private schools that took part in the national RecycleMania competition, UW-Green Bay placed fifth in the “Per Capita Classic” category determined by total pounds of recyclables collected per person. The top five:

• Lawrence University

• UW-Platteville

• UW-Milwaukee

• St. Norbert College (12.53 lbs per person)

• UW-Green Bay (12.47 lbs per person)

At this point, we can neither substantiate nor refudiate allegations that our cross-town counterparts gained their fourth-place advantage through a late surge in previously uncounted recyclables. (Just kidding. Again, congratulations to all who took part, raised awareness of the cause, and achieved gains in recycling and waste-stream efficiencies.)

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