Meet Lou LeCalsey

He has been chairperson of UW-Green Bay’s primary community advisory group for more than a decade and worked closely with three different chancellors (Harden, Shepard and Perkins) and two interims (Ward and Kuepper). As an influential businessperson, he’s a great advocate of the University’s interdisciplinary, problem-focused approach to education. Then there’s the part about being here at the inception in 1969 with Chancellor Edward Weidner and (great story alert!) athletics adviser Vince Lombardi. Until now we have always listed Louis LeCalsey as president and CEO of the publicly traded company Tufco Technologies and chairman of the Chancellor’s Council of Trustees. As of Tuesday, he has added another distinguished title: chair of the newly created UW-Green Bay Foundation, Inc. Sue Bodilly offers a terrifically readable profile of LeCalsey, with nice photos, click here.

A photograph of the happy board members

In case you missed our news release yesterday about formal creation of the new UW-Green Bay Foundation, Inc., we have it posted on our University news site.  Included is a darn attractive group photograph of the business and community leaders who were present at Tuesday’s vote and agreed to join the roster of Foundation directors. Click here.

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