‘Laffle’ is back: This time, helping Humane Society pets

We’ll have full details in a future issue, but the folks in the Registrar’s Office have already launched Laffle 2011, with plans for a drawing at noon Monday, May 2. As always, it’s a chance to have some fun while supporting a good cause and, also, demonstrating that Wisconsin state employees continue to generously support community causes. The beneficiary this time will be the local Humane Society. You can donate new items or money, but in recognition of a tough economy and employee givebacks, there’s an additional option to donate gently used items.

Among contributions that will be accepted:
• New and used leashes, collars, littler boxes, animal toys, brushes, clippers
• Old/clean/boxed or bagged: towels, blankets, pillows, quilts, sheets, mattress pads
• Dog, cat, kitten and puppy food
• Animal shampoo, cleaning products
• Litter, treats, chewies… “anything you can think of”

They’ll still be doing pick-ups twice a week if employees call 2126 and request a pick-up. As always, each donation gets a “raffle” ticket – make that a “laffle” ticket – for a chance at various fun prizes.

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