Timing, webcast of Aldrete award presentation

Previously in this space, we’ve told you (several times) about Prof. Gregory S. Aldrete and the 2015 Regent Teaching Excellence Award he’ll receive during the Friday (April 10) Board of Regents meeting in Waukesha. We’ve also noted that, as always, the monthly meeting will be live-streamed from 9 a.m. to 11 or noon or so (depending on the agenda). If you’re interested in viewing the presentation, the best we can tell you is to pull up the cast, check periodically or keep it droning quietly in the background, and watch for the awards presentations which are scheduled for well into the meeting. Here’s the agenda order:

1) Calling of the roll
2) Approval of minutes
3) Report of the Board President
4) Report of the UW System President
5) Report and approval of actions taken by Research, EconDev and Innovation Committee
6) Education Committee
7) Business and Finance Committee
8) Capital Planning and Budget Committee
9) Audit Committee
10) Presentation: 2015 UW System Federal Agenda
11) Presentation of Board of Regents 2015 Teaching Excellence Awards
a. Prof. Gregory S. Aldrete, UW-Green Bay
. Prof. Shubhangi S. Stalder, UW-Waukesha
. Department of Mathematics, UW-La Crosse
12) Presentation and Discussion: One System, One Library
13) Resolution of appreciation to host campus
14) Regent communication, petitions and memorials
15) Adjourn

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