Request: Minimalists needed for sustainability & consumer research

A research request from Assistant Prof. Aniruddha Pangarkar:

“I recently had one of my academic papers published in an A-level academic journal (Journal of Business Research). For taking this research forward, I would like to interview around 15 minimalistic consumers. These are basically individuals who prefer not engaging in indiscriminate purchases or who try to avoid materialistic purchases/collecting and hoarding of unnecessary items. Such consumers are also ecologically focused and practice sustainability and care for societal welfare and the environment. In addition, such consumers focus on well-being, reducing stress levels, improving the quality of life, and focusing their energies on hobbies or interests such as hiking, traveling, gym, yoga (goal-oriented activities), etc., rather than consumerism. Minimalistic consumers also like to declutter and prefer simplistic homes and living spaces. In addition, such consumers also want to enhance their financial savings through exercising prudence (not purchasing unnecessary items or not hoarding and collecting items) or reducing purchases. To qualify for the interview, consumers do not need to meet all the above characteristics. Even if you meet 2-3 of these, it will be good to interview you. The interviews will take between 30-50 minutes. Please let me know if you (or someone that you know) would be interested in participating. If you would like to participate, then please also let me know 3-4 times that are convenient for you anytime starting next week (week of April 12, 2021). If you would like to contact him to know more about this, then please email

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