Cofrin Library invites participation in major survey

From now through April 28, the Cofrin Library will be taking part in the LibQUAL+ survey. LibQUAL+ is a library assessment survey developed and managed by the Association of Research Libraries conducted at more than 1,200 libraries throughout the United States and Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. The feedback that faculty, staff and students provide as a part of the survey will provide the Cofrin Library with valuable data about existing library services, how to meet campus expectations, how to most effectively allocate resources, and possible new library service areas. The aggregate data will allow the Cofrin Library to compare results to other participating University of Wisconsin libraries and peer institutions within the United States. Link to the survey.

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And win great prizes! — The best reasons to participate in the big international library survey are noble and altruistic, of course, as any time involved will be spent in the service of science. However, if that’s not enough…  and especially to motivate students… there will be prizes.  We’re told that the prizes include a private library study room for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 (really cool if you could decorate it and bring in your own furniture) and ten $25 gift cards to the Phoenix Bookstore.

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