Upcoming networking opportunities through the Nonprofit Education & Development Network

Join the Nonprofit Education & Development Network for nonprofit leader conversations on Zoom. During these conversations, you’ll learn from a featured nonprofit leader and exchange ideas. All conversations take place on Zoom on Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

April 13

Social Media Platforms

Join social media marketer, Megan Roshak, Sales and Marketing Assistant at Gillespie Productions in a discussion of how to use LinkedIn and other social media platforms for marketing your organization.

April 27

Incorporating Storytelling in Your Communication

Please join marketing/branding consultant Sherri Valitchka to talk about storytelling for your organization. What kinds of stories work best? How do you tell stories in short bytes? What makes a good story? Bring your own questions for our conversation.

May 11

Endowments & Revenue Mix

Consider when (and how) to establish an endowment fund — one that provides a consistent revenue stream. When is it a good time to create an endowment? Does your organization need one? How do you get started? How much revenue might it realistically generate? Join Drew Richmond of TwentySix Professional Coaching for our nonprofit conversation.

May 25

Leadership During Challenging Times

Join Karmen Lemke, Director and Mission Team Leader at Catholic Charities in Green Bay, to converse about leading change and new initiatives, inspiring your team, and dealing with the challenges of our times as a nonprofit leader.

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