Battery disposal and recycling: new rules

Effective immediately, these are the revised campuswide procedures for common battery disposal and recycling:

• Alkaline batteries (AAA, AA, A, C, D and 9 volt) should be discarded in the regular trash.

• Button batteries should be placed side by side between two layers of tape and sent to Jill Fermanich Business and Finance, via campus mail.  These batteries look like coins and are found in watches, calculators, cameras and other small equipment. They need to be recycled through the state’s hazardous waste disposal contractor.

Rechargeable batteries should be placed in plastic bags and put in a Call2Recycle bin. (The most common types are nickel cadmium (NiCD); nickel metal hydride (NiMH); lithium ion (L-ion); and small sealed lead (Pb) batteries. The Call2Recycle bins are located at Media Services (IS 1010); the Operations office (IS 1204); HVAC shop (IS 1067); Grounds (PP102); and the Environmental Health office (CL 823).

For disposal of other batteries or for disposal of any material for which you have questions, please call or e-mail Jill Fermanich at 2273 or

The procedures for handling batteries campuswide have changed for several reasons and we will continue to monitor all recycling/disposal options to ensure we are operating in the most eco-friendly, cost-efficient, responsible manner.

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