Announcing this year’s Student Employee of the Year nominees

Staff member Dina Delbecchi informs us that the nomination process is complete and a total of 13 outstanding student employees are in the running for this year’s Student Employee of the Year Award to be presented in a campus ceremony on Monday, April 16.

Nominees are:
John David Arendt was nominated by John Katers for his work in the office of Natural and Applied Sciences.
Brittany Brocker was nominated by Karen Sevick for her work as the student office assistant for the Financial Aid/Student Employment Office.
Amber Drephal was nominated by Poppy Grant for her role as a building manager for the University Union.
Kristi Edminster was nominated by Jennifer Mokren and Emily Rogers for her work as a studio assistant/student reference assistant in the Department for Art and Visual Design & Cofrin Library.
Ellyn Hansen was nominated by Mike Kline of the Kress Events Center for her role as an academic tutor.
Logan Hendricks was nominated by Adam Halfmann for his role as student marketing and promotions coordinator with the Athletics Department.
Brittany Jameson was nominated by LuAnn Wickeham for her work in the Student Billing/Bursar Office as student assistant.
Jessie LaCanne was nominated by Deb Anderson from Special Collections for her role as student manager.
Brandon Langer was nominated by Kimberly Vlies for his role as student graphic designer in Marketing and University Communication.
Amy Lynn Manske was nominated by Brenda Amenson-Hill for her work as the Dean of Student’s office assistant.
Chelsea Schettle was nominated by Jolene Truckenbrod for her work as the human resources assistant in the Office of Human Resources.
Ariel Weishoff was nominated by Jan Malchow in the Nursing Department for her role as student marketing and office assistant.
Mai Kha Yang was nominated by Chris Terrien and Katie Stilp for her role as office assistant in the Department of Community Sciences.

All nominees will be honored, and the winner announced, at the April 16 awards ceremony. The event will kick off this year’s Student Employee Appreciation Week. Learn fun ways to appreciate your student employees.

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