UW-Green Bay informs students of policy on distance-ed fees, tuition

The Provost’s Office on March 20 emailed to all students notification of updated policies and procedures regarding the way tuition and segregated fees will be charged for distance education courses. (The term “distance education course” is defined as one in which 75 percent or more of the instruction and interaction takes place through non-face-to-face means.)

Clarified in the new policy: 

• For purposes of assessing tuition, all distance education courses will be counted toward the credit plateau along with on-campus courses. Tuition for January Interim courses will be assessed outside of the tuition plateau.
• Students will be assessed resident or non-resident tuition for distance education courses according to their applicable residency status.
• If a student is registered for at least one on-campus course, segregated fees will be assessed for all courses (up to the approved maximum for graduate and undergraduate courses in a given semester). Segregated fees will not be assessed if a student is only registered for distance education courses, but a distance education course fee of $20.00 per credit will be charged in addition to tuition for all distance education courses.
• Distance education courses taught in collaboration with external agencies — or as part of programs with defined alternative funding models — are assessed tuition and fees based on the applicable agreements or policies and are not subject to this policy. Examples would include BSN LINC, BSN@ Home, the collaborative MSW, HIMT and others.

The new policies are effective with the Fall 2012 semester. Students with questions are directed to contact the Student Service Center or the Bursar’s Office.

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