New at UW-Green Bay: A Payment Agreement before registration

Registration for Fall Semester 2013 begins Monday, April 1, with a new policy is place. UW-Green Bay is joining a good many of its peer institutions in requiring all students to electronically agree to a Payment Agreement before being allowed to register for classes. The Payment Agreement confirms student understanding of the financial obligations they assume when registering for classes.  Each student has a registration hold on his or her account until completing this step.

How will the new practice take effect? The email sent out from the Registrar’s office regarding registration will also remind students to check their SIS account for any holds that may delay registration. Students will see the “Payment Agreement” hold in the “Holds” section of their SIS Student Center. Drilling into the hold will allow the student to see which term the hold applies to. To release the hold, students go to the “Finances” section of the SIS Student Center, click on “Payment Agreement” in the dropdown box and select the agreement for the applicable term. This will have to be done every term, so students will also see completed agreements from previous terms if applicable. When completing the Agreement, students are asked to agree to the Electronic Signature, then the Payment Agreement. The Agreement also asks for the student’s marital status, which is a requirement of the Wisconsin Marital Property Act. Once the student clicks on the button to Accept Term & Conditions, the hold is instantly lifted and they are able to register for classes.

A sample Payment Agreement is available along with a step by step tutorial on the Bursar website, click here.

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