Reminder: Founders Award nominees wanted, before March 23

The nomination form for the 2011 Founders Association Awards is available online. The Awards and Recognition Committee encourages anyone from the UW-Green Bay community (faculty, staff, students, and community members) to submit nominations prior to the March 23, 2011, deadline. The website includes descriptions of award criteria and a list of previous award recipients.

Individuals and groups that have received the Founder’s Award for a given category within the last 15 years will not be eligible for that same category. Also, self-nominated individuals and groups will not receive consideration. Questions? Feel free to contact Kimberly Baker, Chairperson of the Awards and Recognition Committee, or any Committee member — Emily Rogers, Heidi Sherman, Donna Van Straten, Debbie Furlong, Anthony La Luzerne, Katia Levintova, or Victoria Goff.

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