The Cofrin School of Business Advisory Board welcomes Chuck Salewsky


Chuck Salewsky, founder and Operating Manager of iBeAuthentic, joins UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin School of Business Advisory Board. Established in 2011, iBeAuthentic is a digital communications company that increases the business of beauty distributors and brands through meaningful, personalized digital marketing. An agile and innovative company, iBeAuthentic works to accelerate the acceptance, deployment, and execution of technology to expand its reach and enhance its ability to provide the exceptional service the beauty industry is known for. “We want to be disruptive, but respectful to the ethos of the beauty professionals that have created an industry of constant change and opportunity,” explained Salewsky.

“Chuck has created a culture of change and bold ideas at iBeAuthentic. He consistently provides his very young staff with opportunities to work with nationally known brands early in their careers and right from Menominee, Michigan,” said Matt Dornbush, Dean of the Cofrin School of Business. “I’m thrilled to add this positive disruptor to the Cofrin School of Business Advisory Board.” In his recent TEDx talk, Salewsky explained his strategy for anticipating change, “The Beacon strategy has you place yourself in the future and look backwards. This way, you can imagine possible market challenges and develop solutions to address them. You become the disruptor, not the disrupted.”

In 2012, Salewsky and his wife Tammi made the decision to invest in iBeAuthentic’s physical environment, renovating an auto repair shop and old theatre. The modern space is designed to attract talented, enthusiastic individuals who want to take advantage of the nearby waterfront, historic downtown, and local shops and restaurants. “The Cofrin School of Business can take inspiration from iBeAuthentic’s buildings and apply these same ideas to create educational spaces that facilitate experiential learning and successfully compete with private sector options for student, faculty, and staff presence,” notes Dornbush.

Prior to founding iBeAuthentic, Salewsky ran one of the largest family-owned distributors in the industry. Under his leadership, that distributor set new standards in the beauty business by deploying technology that increased service levels and sped up execution strategies, thus redefining the rules for servicing the beauty professional. Salewsky holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and an MBA from the Minnesota School of Business.

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