Interested in joining a ‘Financial Literacy’ team? Michal Bina wants to know

Longtime public relations and communications professional Michael Bina, who teaches online courses for UW-Green Bay in mass communication, PR and corporate communication, is a Green Bay board member for an organization called the iOme Challenge. iOme (pronounce it “I owe me” and it makes sense) works with millennials to advance their financial literacy. The group’s efforts have met with success… to the extent that iOme enjoyed a bit of publicity last week when Gov. Scott Walker named the Green Bay chapter one of a dozen groups statewide to earn the Governor’s Financial Literacy Award. Officials say such work is increasingly important as the array of financial services available to consumers continues to evolve, rapidly. The iOme Challenge is all about creative ways, including video and new media, to promote financial literacy, and that’s where the “challenge” part comes in. Know of any creative students with interests or abilities in this area? Maybe your favorite neighborhood econ, business or public policy prof?  Maybe you? Bina would like to hear from you at You can learn more about the challenge at