(Virtual) Great Decisions: Struggles Over the Melting Arctic with Elizabeth Wheat, March 8

Manitowoc Public Library is proud to present Great Decisions 2021, their 14th year of hosting this preeminent eight-week grassroots lecture series. On Monday, March 8, 2021 at 6 p.m., Associate Professor Elizabeth Wheat will be discussing “Struggles Over the Melting Arctic.”

In 2021, in response to the uncertainty surrounding large public gatherings, MPL has decided to go completely virtual with the Great Decisions program, livestreaming it on their Facebook. This will, in fact, expand the scope of who can tune into Great Decisions beyond the Lakeshore area. This year, anyone with a thirst for knowledge and an internet connection will have the opportunity to discover, discuss and decide how to meet some of the world’s greatest challenges head-on, every Monday evening at 6 p.m., in February and March. Increasingly, global events have become domestic concerns and Great Decisions takes listeners beyond the headlines with essential background information, relevant facts, ever-shifting policy options and impartial analysis.

About the program: “Former U.S. President Donald Trump left many scratching their heads when it was rumored that he was looking to purchase the large island nation of Greenland from Denmark. While any potential deal seems highly unlikely, the event shows the changing opinion within the U.S. government toward engagement with the Arctic region. Because of climate change, large sheets of arctic ice are melting, exposing vast stores of natural gas and oil. With Russia and China already miles ahead with their Arctic strategies, can the U.S. catch up?”

The Great Decisions Series is FREE and registration is not required. For more information, visit the Manitowoc Public Library website.

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