Attention, D2L users: A 2011-12 purge is coming… act soon, if need be

Nathan Kraftcheck from Academic Technology Services shares the following information, of possible interest to some who use the Desire2Learn course management and learning software:

“This message pertains only to D2L courses conducted during the Fall 2011, Spring 2012, and Summer 2012 semesters. Anything after the Summer 2012 term will not be affected. On or about March 31, 2015, all D2L courses from Fall ’11, Spring ’12 and Summer ’12 will be deleted. To delete a D2L course means to completely remove that course with no way of restoring it. There is no backup. If you need to keep parts of old courses — e.g., course files, grade books, drop box files, etc — please download that information soon. If you do not need to download course materials or student records, do nothing and these courses will be removed on schedule. If you have unusual circumstances requiring the retention of a D2L course in its entirety, please contact ATS by March 27 so appropriate steps can be taken before the course is deleted.”

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