Frozen meals available for students in Commuter Lounge (UU109)

Available now, flash frozen meals for anyone who needs them. Please visit the Commuter Lounge, (UU109) behind the Phoenix Club to pick up a meal. There is no tracking and anyone who would like to, may take a meal with them. Please note the following meal instructions:

ALLERGEN DISCLAIMER: These foods are prepared in a place where allergens are present. Consume at your own risk.

REFRIGERATE IT! Within 1 hour of pick-up if you don’t plan to heat it and eat it right away.

TAKE WHAT YOU NEED: We want to ensure that all students have access to this new program. We ask that it is not abused by students, and that it runs on the honor system of taking what you need!

OUR CONTAINERS: The containers are microwave and dishwasher safe -so you’re able to heat it up right in the container you grabbed!

SUSTAINABILITY: This program was started to limit food waste. The food is marked with the date it was placed in the freezer. This allows for us to ensure none of the leftovers are going bad!

For anyone who needs assistance.

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