Last Call for Daffodils!

Just a quick reminder – the deadline to order for the American Cancer Society’s 2010 Daffodil Days campaign is Wednesday, February 17!  Deliveries will be made on Monday, March 22. In addition to the traditional bunches of daffodils ($10), options include Gifts of Hope ($25), Bear & A Bunch ($25) … and more. Checks can be written directly to the American Cancer Society. Short on cash?  You can view options and order online with a credit card at: (Click on “Get Daffodils” on the left side of the screen).  Direct orders or questions to Carol Brabant, x2566 – WH416; Twila Marquardt, x2368; – MAC C310; Karla Miller, x2163 – SS 1600; Jan Snyder, x 2082 – CL 835; Tina Tackmier, x2220 – UU 150; Teri Ternes, x2336 – TH335. Thank you to those who have ordered!