Thursday at Philosophers’ Café: ‘The Illusion of Free Will’

Philosophers’ Café returns this Thursday (Feb. 13) from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Kavarna, 143 North Broadway. This month’s installment will celebrates Valentine’s Day with the counterintuitive suggestion that you had no choice in selecting or wooing your life partner.  “Each of us are experientially convinced that we are sometimes the sole determinants of our actions,” observes presenter and Assistant Prof. of Humanistic Studies Christopher Martin, “(but) we also recognize that our early-life environment, education and upbringing, physical and psychological states, character and social pressures have a significant if not massive — or flat-out determining — influence on our behaviors … (So) where’s the freedom?”

Philosophers’ Cafés are monthly discussions organized by UW-Green Bay faculty and held at local coffee shops and pubs in which community members engage in open, friendly, and respectful dialogue in a relaxed and informal setting. For more, see the website at

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