UW System extends deadline for research grants

With fewer applications than expected, UW System is extending the deadline for proposals for the 2012-13 Applied Research Grant (ARG) and Joint Applied Research Grant-WiSys Technology Advancement Grant (ARG-WiTAG) programs to Feb. 29.

The Applied Research Grant program is designated for faculty and/or academic staff from any UW institution and from any discipline to advance projects of one-year duration that have a demonstrable impact on the state’s economy.

The joint Applied Research-WiTAG program is designed for faculty and academic staff in science and technology fields to develop high-value intellectual property and/or marketable products, while laying the foundation for future extramural funding.

If you have questions regarding the ARG and/or Applied Research-WiTAG programs, please contact Lisa Beckstrand at lbeckstrand@uwsa.edu, 608-263-9939 or Ally Hauser at ahauser@wisys.org, 608-316-4035.

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