The return of RecycleMania

From Feb. 5 through March 31, take the challenge to reduce waste and increase recycling levels across campus as UW-Green Bay participates in the national competition, RecycleMania! You can make a difference by taking a moment to think before you buy… and when you do buy, think again about whether you can reuse or recycle the item. With 60 new and easily identifiable recycling stations in the academic buildings, recycling bins in the University Union and the Kress Center, as well as throughout student housing, it’s easy to find a recycling bin for your plastic bottles, cans, paper and cardboard.  A number of fun events and activities will be happening the week of Feb. 27 – stay tuned – but keep reducing, reusing and recycling! Track our progress and get more sustainability information from the sustainability blog,

Competition puts our trash to the test

RecycleMania! is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs, and it helps promote waste-reduction activities. This year, more than 500 colleges and universities are participating in the program, including most of the UW System schools. UW-Green Bay is recording and reporting recycling and trash collection data over the eight-week period. Data is reported to RecycleMania, and participating schools get to see where they stand. By everyone taking part, let’s make a difference by using less and recycling more, and showing the true-blue “green” credentials of UW-Green Bay.

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