Have the Humanities lost their way? Attend The Philosophers’ Café

The monthly Philosophers’ Café meeting is this Thursday (Feb. 7) at St. Brendan’s Inn, 234 S. Washington St., downtown Green Bay, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Topic of discussion: the current and future relevance of the Humanities. Presenting and leading the meeting will be UW-Green Bay Prof. Christopher Martin.

“The Humanities, historically at least, constitute the area of education that privileges the person being educated. A central tenet of this enterprise is the assumption that the best education will aim primarily at helping our students to think and feel in the right way. This emphasis has over the years filtered into non-Humanities disciplines. In turn, the Humanities have become more career-oriented than they once were. Is this intermixing of the different approaches to education a good thing, or have we lost something along the way? We’ll discuss the role of the Humanities in today’s institutions of higher learning, asking what if anything they alone have to offer and whether or not their perspective on learning should be restricted to their courses.”

Philosophers’ Café, free and open to all, is a joint project of philosophy and humanities faculty, students and others associated with UWGB and St. Norbert College. Go to website.

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