Winter Weather reminders from University Police

According to the National Weather Service, the total snow fall is expected to be from 5-8” in the Green Bay area; with around 3” falling during the day and another 3” during the evening hours. In addition to the snow fall, the temperatures will significantly drop Thursday night moving to single digit highs for the weekend.

When snow falls during normal hours of operation, the removal of snow is challenging in occupied parking lots and requires us to prioritize removal. First priority is given to the major roadways and our primary use parking lots. The Kress Events Center, Laboratory Sciences, Studio Arts, and Wood Hall parking lots will be given first priority. If you use a different parking lot please consider shifting and using one of these lots. The Kress Events Center lot remains dedicated to the fight against COVID 19 and those actively getting vaccinations or bi-weekly testing with Prevea Health. All other parking areas, including those in Residence Life areas, will be managed as soon as practical but as a secondary priority.

Now is also a good time to make sure you and your vehicle are prepared for the arriving snow and cold temperatures.  In addition to being prepared, here are some Winter Weather Tips that you should keep in mind.

  • If you don’t have to go anywhere, don’t go. There is no reason to risk an accident.
  • Before the cold comes, get your battery checked. Many auto parts store offer free testing to see if your battery needs replacing.
  • Always clear off your vehicle before operating it.
    • Remove snow from headlights and brake lights.
    • Remove snow from ALL windows and make sure they are adequately defrosted.
  • Always maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles and slow down well before an anticipated stop.
  • All Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive, is not four wheel stop. Don’t let your vehicles capabilities make you over confident.
  • Try to maintain 1/4 tank of gas at all times. If you run out of gas, you run out heat in your car.
  • Put a blanket or warm clothes in your car and leave them there. If you become stranded, a blanket could save your life… literally.
  • Have a shovel and a small bag of ice melt at your disposal. A shovel and ice can bail you out of slippery situations.
  • Don’t use the cruise control in wintry conditions.
  • And always buckle up!

Respectfully sent,

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay police Department

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