Miss Manners says…. Be polite around snow plows

With the start of semester and the winter snow season in full force, campus crews ask for your help to keep yourself and others safe when staff are clearing snow and ice from parking lots, roads and sidewalks by:

    * Paying attention to winter conditions, leave earlier, and reduce your speed during slippery conditions;

    * Giving snow removal operators plenty of room as the size of the plows and the removal process makes visibility a challenge;

    * Slowing down when approaching snow removal equipment and stay at least 200 feet behind the vehicles as they might have to stop quickly or back up;

    * Yielding the right of way to snow removal equipment;

    * Not passing snow removal equipment since all of our campus roads are no passing zones, and the shoulders might not be clear of ice to prevent sliding into the ditch. Failure to drive safely around snow removal vehicles could result in an accident, injury, or citation.

Thank you for your cooperation and help!