CYP Workshop: Bias is a Four-Letter Word: From Awareness to Action

The Cofrin School of Business announces a Current Young Professional workshop, Bias is a Four-Letter Word: From Awareness to Action, Tuesday, Jan. 19 from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. Cost: Free for CYP members (CYP membership is free for all Green Bay Campus employees).

“There are several four-letter words you should eliminate from your vocabulary. One of them is bias. Bias is personal, cultural, and institutional. The reality is that we all have bias despite its invisibility to the plain eye. The good news is that there are ways to counterbalance and disrupt bias on a personal and social level, procedural and systems level, and eventually on a structural level. A crucial first step in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces start with the elimination of bias from our vocabulary, actions, and decisions. This workshop will focus in-depth on the concept of bias. Participants will explore the different types of bias in our society, recognize the impact implicit and explicit attitudes and stereotypes shape how we engage with others and make decisions in the workplace, and how everyday people can build inclusive environments through the elimination of bias. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Develop an understanding of what is Implicit and Explicit Bias. How biases are developed. Understanding the effects of implicit and explicit bias on business and beyond. Strategies to eliminate bias from interactions with coworkers, customers, and others.” Find more on the Greater Green Bay Chamber website.

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