Inside Magazine Cover 'Recalculating' Fall/Winter 2017

The Fall/Winter 2017 Issue of Inside Magazine is in mailboxes and available to you electronically.
Volume 44, No. 1 | Download this issue [PDF]

Extended Stories

  • Siri: Is going to college worth it?
    Higher education partners in Northeast Wisconsin are 
competitors and partners at the same time. Putting students 
first provides navigable options, flexibility and cost savings.
  • An Unlikely Time Machine
    UW-Green Bay’s new Viking House transports visitors to medieval Norway
  • ‘Lozza’ Marketing
    UW-Green Bay millennials serve up a marketing plan for pizza franchise
  • Student Teaching with 
a Side of Culture
    UW-Green Bay Education students often go well beyond the criteria to teach in local schools — some even travel across borders and continents to prepare for a multi-cultural world.
  • Hydrating the Food Desert
    UW-Green Bay scientists partner with innovative thinkers to revolutionize the food economy in Green Bay

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