Big response to Ken Burns documentary, UW-Green Bay protest photo

There was a substantial response to the photograph of students protesting on campus from the UW-Green Bay Archives, recently featured in the Ken Burns documentary, “The History of the World, April 1969 – May 1970.” The episode was number 8 in the series and it highlights the anti-war protests following the Vietnam War. The full episode can be viewed at The image is on the screen from 1:44:19 to 1:44:29, and UW-Green Bay Archives is also featured in the credits. The official caption of the photo…

UWGB students joined St. Norbert College students in a protest march in downtown Green Bay on May 5, 1970. The students were demonstrating in response to the shootings at Kent State University in Ohio which occurred on May 4. Approximately 200 UWGB students participated and planned to keep an overnight vigil at the city administration building. Reports indicate students studied by candlelight, engaged in “intense discussions about the war” and sang folk songs.

A Facebook post about the photo’s use received nearly 2,000 views and generated discussion with community members who were also present at the march. The 50th anniversary of that event is about two years away.