UW-Green Bay highlights importance of immunization to students

After the death of a UW-Madison student Eddy Bailey, who died of meningitis B, universities are emphasizing the importance of vaccines more than ever. Neither UW-Green Bay nor UW-Madison require vaccination against the disease, but both highly recommend it to their students. “We highlight it. It’s on our website,” said Amy Henniges, director of Counseling and Health Center at UW-Green Bay. “We send out an informational letter to students where we also recommend that their vaccinations be up to date and current and to work with their provider.” College students who live in residence halls are highly at-risk due to crowding and lengthy interaction with other people. Meningitis B is a bacterial disease, so once infected, only antibiotics will help. With bacteria becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics, Associate Professor Brian Merkel (Human Biology) says your first, and best, line of defense is vaccination. See the full story on WBAY.