UW-Green Bay Police aid ‘Keep Kids Alive Drive’ on Nicolet

The Green Bay Police Department attracted some media attention for its Keep Kids Alive Drive safety campaign to address a worrisome speeding problem on Nicolet Drive north of campus. Police are trying to raise driver consciousness in the Nicolet neighborhood by placing yellow warning decals on garbage cans, and using yard signs and speed boards. They are also employing increased enforcement to slow down vehicles that sometimes approach highway speed despite a 35-mph limit. UWGB’s Lt. Jeff Gross reports that during a news conference, the GBPD and city officials thanked UW-Green Bay Public Safety officers for their contributions to police radar enforcement on Nicolet and for sharing their campus radar speed board (which is now in front of the Sisters of St. Francis complex at 3000 N. Nicolet) to help with the educational awareness. Typical of the online stories is one by TV-2.