UW-Green Bay student Ben Dresdow talks about virtual learning

Although UW-Green Bay is intending to be open in fall and welcoming faculty, staff and students back on campus, some classes originally scheduled for in-person instruction will be moving online or having online aspects to them for the safety of the UW-Green Bay community. Current UW-Green Bay students who transitioned to online learning in Spring 2020 demonstrated that they are¬†resilient problem-solvers and describe their experiences while providing some advice to future students…

Ben Dresdow is a junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Spanish.

Ben Dresdow

“My experiences both online and in person at GB have been incredibly positive. My professor’s have allowed me to grow academically and professionally both in the classroom and through outside internships. I am incredibly thankful that I chose to come to this University after I finished high school. Throughout my time here, professors have provided all the resources needed to perform well in class whether it was in person or in an online format. I am truly thankful for the past two years I spent here, and I look forward to seeing the ways I can continue to evolve and grow as I continue my college journey. I anticipate that your experiences could be equally impactful, as virtually every person I’ve met throughout the past two years have agreed that they were very satisfied with their decision to attend UW-Green Bay. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer, and feel free to reach out to the ambassadors over the summer!”