Blankets, weeds and wolves: TRiO students give back to community

Teenagers enrolled in TRiO programs at UW-Green Bay begin and end their summers with community-service projects. On June 30, 41 Upward Bound students headed to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary for a day of removing invasive species, primarily garlic mustard, which chokes out native species. When they finished pulling and bagging the plants, they had pulled 2,200 pounds of the nasty weeds. Now that’s a whole lot of weeds! (They also cleaned out the wolf compound.) On July 31, 68 students — including 21 eighth-grade bridge students — will return for another morning of community service. Upward Bound has partnered with the sanctuary through the “Adopt a Park Program” for the last five years. Meanwhile, students in the Regional Camp for Math and Science recently finished making 12 blankets, which they plan to donate to area homeless and women’s shelters. The folks in TRiO are proud of these young people’s efforts; they hope you are, too. See more.