‘OpenBook’ will go live July 1

The Wisconsin Department of Administration is now predicting a “go live” date of July 1 for phase one of OpenBook. The project creates a searchable website with information about all state agency expenditures in excess of $100. This new database will eventually include all state and UW salaries and fringe benefits, grants paid by state agencies, and all contract payments made by any agency or UW institutions. Individual employees will be listed if they receive payments for travel expenses or other reimbursable expenses. DOA will take steps to redact other personal information, but individual agencies are responsible for requesting specific exemptions. Victims of domestic abuse, stalking and harassment should notify Jolene Truckenbrod in the Human Resources Office if they have safety reasons for excluding their names from the public database. Please note: It is not expected that UW System institutions will be included in the initial, phase one launch of the database, because of the technical complexities of the UW using a different general ledger system.