More on partnership with Aver software, and student training in ‘Big Data’

Aver Informatics, a Green Bay startup company with national clients in the fast-developing field of health care analytics, has agreed to provide the University a free, three-year license for the company’s Big Data Analytics Platform. Along with free remote access to the software and databases, Aver will train students in use of the platform and make company server space available for student work on faculty-supervised course assignments. The data will be identity-stripped health care industry data accessible through remote networks and “the cloud,” with no data housed on UW-Green Bay servers. “The partnership with Aver allows our students to work with a current, state-of-the-art product and dynamic databases, and to test existing algorithms and experiment with new ones,” says Associate Prof. Peter Breznay, chair of Computer Science. For more about this emerging, in-demand field of data science, and UW-Green Bay’s partnership with Aver, see the full press release.