Faculty notes: Coury and Ortiz Ceberio publications

Humanities and Global Studies professors David N. Coury and Cristina Ortiz Ceberio are two of the contributors to the volume The Role of the Humanities in a Time of Crisis edited by Maria Pilar Rodriguez and published this month by Dykinson Press (Madrid). Professor Coury’s study entitled “Searching for home in language and culture in a post-national Europe” analyzes the works of authors Alina Brosky and Olga Grjasnowa. Professor Ortiz’s essay, co-authored with editor Maria Pilar Rodriguez, entitled “European Cinema: Ethical debates on Immigration Laws,” is a study on contemporary cinema in light of current immigration debates and legislation in Europe. The contributors to this volume are scholars from North American and European universities who highlight in their works the relevance of humanistic inquiry to explore and analyze the most pressing issues of our times.