Students, Ruzek featured in Make a Difference Day story

A group of UW-Green Bay students and director of continuing education Joy Ruzek were featured Sunday (Oct. 26) in a Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter story about this weekend’s annual Make a Difference Day. The students were among 50 to 75 volunteers who turned out to assist with landscaping improvements at the low-income Southfield Townhouses in Manitowoc. Ruzek oversees the townhouse project and was able to use $5,000 in grant money to purchase mulch, materials for benches, two garden sheds and numerous plants and shrubs, the story says. “If you saw what it looked like before and saw what it looks like now, it is night and day difference,” Ruzek said. “What’s nice about that is residents feel like they don’t have anything of their own, so by having all this planted, they feel like it is more home for them. They have something outside that makes it feel like their own.” Full story.