Squirrel appreciation? Sampson talks awareness months with Fox 11 News

UW-Green Bay Communications Director (and, most days, Log newsletter editor) Christopher Sampson offered his perspective, as a longtime PR practitioner, on the glut of “awareness months” — annual observances that run the gamut from silly to serious — for a fun story that aired Wednesday (Oct. 2) on Fox 11 News. October is perhaps most well-known for being Breast Cancer Awareness Month — look no further than pink-clad NFL teams — but reporter and UW-Green Bay alumnus Ben Krumholz also found 114 other observances that take place this month. “Some of them are kind of silly, anybody can say it’s such and such month,” Sampson said, “but the ones with staying power, they have activities to back it up.” For more from Sampson, and a look at what’s celebrated (squirrel appreciation, anyone?), check out the full story online.