More Miller TV: Chancellor chats on WBAY’s Noon Show

Chancellor Gary L. Miller sat down Monday (Aug. 18) with WBAY, Channel 2’s Kathryn Bracho, discussing his background, vision and other issues as a new school year nears. The Noon Show interview is Miller’s latest TV appearance, following last week’s sit down with Local 5 News and the Aug. 10 featured guest appearance on CW 14 Focus. “I think this is a real transformational time in American higher education,” Miller told Bracho. “I really believe partnerships — both for education and economic development — in cities is the real cutting edge of public higher education. And so this is a great opportunity, because Green Bay wanted this university here. And there’s great commerce, great educational programs — and so we hope to blend those to help the human condition in Wisconsin and educate a lot of people to be citizens.” See the full interview.