Students can study Packers’ history for credit in fall 2018

How do you know you go to college in Green Bay? When your university offers classes on the Green Bay Packers’ history! In the fall 2018 semester, students can study the first 50 years of Packers organization, and get credit for it. Brent Hensel, the curator for the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, will be leading the courses in collaboration with UW-Green Bay professors Heidi Sherman and Jon Shelton. The classes are offered in the Digital and Public Humanities and History units. In the first part of the semester, students will study the history of the team from 1919-1969, and the second half of the semester will be a student research project. At semester’s end, students present their projects to a group at the historic Lambeau Field. WTMJ-TV has the full story.