Wisconsin Farmory helping with perch shortage | spectrumnews1.com

This time of year brings many Wisconsinites out on Friday nights for fish fries. Over the years, yellow lake perch has gotten harder to find on menus. The Farmory in Green Bay is attempting to turn the tied on the shortage and in the process, help out Wisconsin farmers. Dr. Ken Webb, an aqua-culture expert at UW-Green Bay, has observed the once thriving local yellow perch population become almost non-existant.  “Almost all of the yellow lake perch that we eat in Wisconsin comes from Canada,” said Dr. Ken Webb, an aquaculture expert at UWGB. Webb has seen a once thriving local yellow lake perch population become almost non-existent. The shortage doesn’t just affect what’s on your plate. Perch are a big part of the food chain in the Great Lakes. “This is terrifying. This is the fundamental base of the food web in the lakes. Basically all of the fish that we’re interested in eating from yellow perch up, eat yellow perch,” said Webb. Source: Wisconsin Farmory helping with perch shortage | spectrumnews1.com