In the news: Staudinger and Kraft on gun issue

Staudinger weighs in for gun sales story …
The debate over gun control continues to dominate news cycles both locally and nationally, including here in Northeastern Wisconsin. The Press-Gazette on Wednesday (Dec. 26) ran a story on the increase in gun sales since the Dec. 14 school shooting in Newtown, Conn., and related fear that gun-control laws will be strengthened. Democracy and Justice Studies Prof. Alison Staudinger offered some analysis for the story, noting President Obama consistently has voiced support for Second Amendment rights. “Those who sell or make guns, just as any other industry, have an incentive to promote a narrative of Democrats as hostile to gun owners,” Staudinger said, “and link this narrative to broader concerns about the power and intrusiveness of the federal government.” Full story.

… and Kraft talks NRA for similarly themed piece
Prof. Emeritus Michael Kraft also has been recently sought for his analysis of gun-rights issues, and was featured in a story that ran in the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune and elsewhere. The National Rifle Association, Kraft said, is a millions-member strong force that wields considerable lobbying power. “Historically, the NRA has been opposed to almost anything that would restrict gun sales or gun ownership,” Kraft said in an interview with Gannett Wisconsin Media reporter Ben Jones. Full story.