Profs. Clampitt, Kraft analyze political spots for Local 5

Two UW-Green Bay professors helped Local 5 News put political ads to the “truth test” last week, discussing the spots as part of a two-segment story that made its debut Monday (Oct. 27). Prof. Phil Clampitt, Information and Computing Science, and Prof. Emeritus Michael Kraft, Public and Environmental Affairs, sat down with Local 5 reporter Jenn Sullivan to watch several of the ads from Wisconsin’s hotly contested race for governor. Cameras rolling, they discussed seemingly conflicting jobs numbers, the effect of ads on potential voters, and the efficacy of certain spots for various groups. “Are we first, third, tenth?” Kraft said, referring to jobs figures cited in various ads. “And the different interpretations come from candidates choosing different time periods. Each one wants to choose a time period that makes them look good.” Watch Monday’s segment.