Faculty note: Professors Ortiz and Coury contribute to volume of essays

Professors Cristina Ortiz (Spanish and Humanities) and David Coury (German and Humanities) are contributors to a new volume of essays: “Resistiendo al Imperio: nuevas aproximaciones al antiamericanismo desde el siglo XX hasta la actualidad” (Resisting the Empire: New Approaches to Anti-Americanism from the 20th Century to the Present), published in Spain by Silex and edited by faculty members from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). Ortiz’s contribution is entitled “Partial Portraits: Visions of the United States from the Perspective of Basque Nationalism,” while Coury’s contribution is “A New Cultural Clash? Populism and American Cosmopolitanism.” The book is the product of a two-year research collaboration of scholars based in Madrid and jointly funded by the UAM and Banco Santander.