Faculty note: Tyczkowski

Through study that relates directly to curriculum enhancement in her area, Brenda Tyczkowski, assistant professor in the Professional Program in Nursing and academic director for the Health Information Management Technology (HIMT) program, recently completed a rigorous 14-week accelerated health information management workshop through Alabama State University. She then passed the national certification exam for the Registered Health Information Administrator®. RHIAs are certified experts in managing the privacy and security of patient health information, administering computer information systems and managing data analysis to improve the quality and safety of patient care.

Brenda Tyczkowski, assistant professor in the Professional Program in Nursing, recently presented “Ageism in Healthcare” to a group of about 90 older adults who are members of the local interdenominational faith group, SPIRET. Audience members had a lively discussion about their experiences with the changing realities of healthcare, and learned about being more proactive participants in their care. The increasing availability of patient portals, where they can access their medical record on line, message their care provider and learn about test results in a more timely fashion, was a particular topic of interest.